Various off-board and events

 In the esports STADIUM Sapporo, we can lend you space for the event, etc. from a small group of Petit-off meetings.For example, it is possible to play various ways by bringing home game consoles such as switch.We also offer free rental of arcade controllers and GamePad.If you have any questions, please contact us.

Community Space Charter

How about a charter of the community space if off meeting about a few to ten people? I prepare a spacious sofa, WiFi, a large TV, an HDMI distributor, a live microphone, a lot of equipment, etc., and a soft drink is put one cup, and 3000 yen for three hours.If you use it for six people, you can enjoy it for 500 yen per person.

The main applications are petit-off meetings, home game games, mobile game meetings with friends, public viewing, chat sessions, etc.

Communication space

PC Space Rental

For off-board and events using PC, we will deal with the Charter of PC space.From 12 to 30 people, we will deal with the store charter.It has been used for the on campus of SNP and Hokkaido high Technology Vocational school, etc. until now.In addition, we also introduce a variety of companies and organization sponsors, etc. that we pay attention to esports in Hokkaido in our store for the customer of PC space lending.In addition, I would appreciate if you can consult from the inquiry.

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