Store layout and equipment

 There are three spaces in the store.On the right side of the elevator is a high spec PC10 and large screen high spec space, middle spec space in the middle, and a communication space with a spacious sofa and large TV on the left.In the communication space, anyone can use it, or you can use it in various applications, such as enjoying the game talk with friends, or enjoy beer and soft drinks in the fried red and fries of the store.

# 7 seats (high spec PC for delivery): Core i7-8700 RTX2080

# 6, 8-11 (middle spec PC): Core i5-8500 GTX1060
# 12-17 (High spec PC): Core i5-8500 GTX1070Ti G403 (mouse) qck MASS (mouse pad)
# 18-23 (high spec PC): Core i5-8500 GTX1070Ti

* The device of the seat not specified in particular is a headset g430, a mouse g300, a keyboard g213, and a mouse putt g240.
* We also offer free lending outside of the above devices.There are over 15 types of mouce, 5 types of keyboards, 1 headset, 3 types of mouse pads, 6 Akecon 3 types, 2 game pads and 1 capture device.Please feel free to try it.A detailed list is here!! *
Free WiFi, large screen, large monitor, live equipment, broadcast equipment, mobile charging accessories, and various board games are available.