Esports STADIUM SAPPORO Use guide

About my page

In my page, you can view the member QR code, change the password, and confirm the point remaining.
The URL for my page is

For my page QR cord

 When entering the shop, the member QR code is scanned into the entering shop, and it becomes possible to use it after the entering shop processing. (Those who have been registered for the first time are automatically entered into the shop.)Y
ou can sit on the vacant sheet of your choice on the lock screen.
You cannot use a PC that is in other states.If you have any questions, please contact our staff.
 By entering “User ID” and “password” in the lower right of the screen, the lock becomes available.

The remaining time and
the customer ID are displayed in the window in the upper right of the operation screen that you are using.

The window can be minimized [×], and the transparency is set.
There is an announcement by the voice when time expires ten minutes ago, five minutes ago in the remaining time.When the time expires
(can not be cut) will force the lock screen and then do the shutdown.
If you want to stop using the remaining time, press the logout button in the Timer window.
If you forget to log out, the usage time will continue.(PC shuts down, even restarts the logout command, but it is certain to do with the log
out button) we ask you to manage your time.
When you leave the store, please scan the bar code at the exit shop next to the front desk and exit processing. The ne
xt time you use it, you will be able to scan the barcode with your membership number and use it after processing the entry shop.
If you cannot read the barcode, we will confirm your membership number at the
front desk. Please charge the point at the front desk.
If you have any questions, please contact the store staff.
When you leave the shop, please scan the bar code at the exit of the shop next to the front desk and exit processing.