eSS Terms of Use and how to enjoy at eSS

You  need a membership for the play at esports STADIUM Sapporo in principal. After the member registration, the facilities. Please be sure for the following terms and conditions ;then, submit the application form via electrical data, and  confirm your personal identification (driver’s license, residence card, passport, student ID, National health Insurance card, resident’s basic register cards, health insurance card, etc.).

* If the above documents are different from your current address, you will need to have a document (receipt of utility charges, etc.) that can be confirmed separately.

If you do not have a personal identification card, we will refuse to register.  If you are an elementary school student or under an elementary school student for the use of PC,  you need to register.

In addition, if you join in-store events and seminars, your registrations are not reqired.

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1 terms of Use

This Agreement applies to all users (hereinafter referred to as “users”) who use the services provided by “Esports STADIUM SAPPORO (hereinafter referred to as” eSS “).

Article 2 The changes to these terms and conditions,

The changes to these terms and conditions, without obtaining the consent of the user, those might be modified and changed.  In this case, eSS terms and conditions will be announced on the website, etc. with a sufficient period of time, and we will apply the new terms of use from the date of change.

Chapter 2 Membership

Article 1

The registered account for the Member ID cannot be used except the registered person. It is not possible to lend or transfer to a third party. We do not take any responsibility in eSS about the damage in the case that a third party uses an account by any chance.

The points you can charge for your account will expire in six months.

Article 2 cancellation of qualification

If a member falls under any of the following conditions, we will cease the use of the member ID without notifying the member, and the qualification of the member can be revoked.

  • a false declaration is made at the time of admission.
  • a violation of  any of these terms and conditions.
  • Interference of  eSS operations.
  • In-appropriation manner as a member.

Chapter 3 the handling of personal information

When registered as a member, the handling of personal information from the member is just for eSS itself (operation of eSS, maintenance and provision of service through eSS ,  questionnaire for improvement of quality of eSS, etc) under the proper laws.

Chapter 4 restriction

Equipment of eSS is damaged by the negligence of the use by  the member or the visitor,  we will charge the damage at the cost of the expenses.

In the store, the person who has been doing the act of causing the other users to be extremely troublesome, we might ask to leave.

For the user who seems to be suspicious, we might check the personal belongings .

Pets  (except for the handicapped dog, which is provided by the Handicapped Assistance Dog Act) are strictly prohibited.

Please refrain from bringing your own food and drink.Please purchase it at the eSS counter .

The valuables are managed by oneself. We are not liable for any loss or theft.

You will be refused entry in a drunken state.



How to enjoy eSS

Fee system is the charge system of the use time by prepayment. Use time will be reduced until you log out from the time you login to the terminal.

The amount of time charged expired  is in 6 months from the date of the charge. Each time you charge is used to manage the expiration date, and the use time after six months is automatically disabled.

The device of the keyboard, the mouse, and the headset, etc. installed about the use of the device is the possession of our store that everyone uses.Please refrain from messy handling. You can use the device you have brought in, but please return it to its original state when you leave.

It is possible to move the seat freely about the movement of the seat, but there is the case that it is not crispy to hope when crowding etc.

About erasing data at the time of restart our store’s terminal will erase all the data that was previously saved by the reboot. If necessary, store your own USB memory.

The Youth Protection and Development Ordinance of the Hokkaido Youth Protection and Development Ordinance prohibits the use of under 18 (high school students or less) from 11pm until the next four o’clock.

Smoking is generally not permitted in the restaurant. If you are smoking, please use the smoking area.

When we use our store about the management of valuables, the valuables must be managed by oneself. Even if the victim is lost or stolen, we do not take any responsibility in our shop.

Use of voice chat function while using the voice chat function of the headset tomatoes use, please refrain from the loud like to lead to inconvenience to other customers around.

Please return to the counter after using the equipment that I put out at the counter about the lending equipment.

If you find a malfunction or malfunction of the terminal and the device about a malfunction or a malfunction, please talk to the staff. Also, if you have damaged or lost your device, please contact the staff promptly. In addition, the refund due to the trouble of the Internet connection and the terminal and the device will be served.

About trouble in our store, I assume responsibility for all troubles including the terminal and the Internet. It is possible to compensate for data loss, damage, etc. that occurred when the terminal is used. We do not guarantee that the Internet and the terminal and the online game operate normally. In addition, I also take responsibility at all about the accident and the trouble of the customer mutually. We are also responsible for the damage caused by natural disasters and other acts of inevitability.

How to use the inquiry about the use of the terminal and the inquiry, we will explain only within the range of knowledge of the staff, there is the case that can not be explained by circumstances of crowded or shops.Please understand it beforehand.

About the limitation of the use time for the maintenance of the terminal etc., there is the case that the use for more than 24 hours continuously is requested to move from the seat.

About the break because our store is not in the accommodation, there is a case to ask for the movement to the community space when the seat is monopolized without logging in.

If you forgot something in the store, or if you find something, please call the staff.

Restrictions on the use of the event when the event is held in our store, there is a case to discontinue part or all of the use of the terminal. We will tell you in advance if the event is to be held.

When you take a photo or video in the store about the in-store photography, and the thing taken up on SNS, please take care of the privacy of other customers enough. We are responsible for the trouble of the customer in the shooting and up.

Prohibited matters The following items are not permitted in any individual or group. ‘ve had of smoking, smoking, drinking, shoplifting, and other illegal activities in non-smoking areas, and the entry of goods in the form of sales and drinking -Use of P2P software for the purpose of sending and receiving large amounts of data in the presence of non-game use, such as adult sites and DVDs, etc., with animals other than animals that assist the disabled persons, such as guide dogs, hearing, etc. use of adult content -Mischief and misuse of equipment, systems, etc. ※ in the case of vicious, there is crowned thing to bear in the actual cost of the money, sale goods and prizes, promotion and solicitation of seats in a private store without logging in to take-out of equipment and equipment other than the distribution goods (novelty, etc.) , Seduction Act, political organization, anti-social groups, activities that have been judged to be a nuisance to other customers, such as

those who are interested in the activity, and the following items are prohibited in any individual or group. • Information about changes in the use of illegal involvement in privacy information, including public order and morals, publicity activities for commercial purposes, slander to others, and sending spam e-mails, etc. There is a thing crowned to be changed without obtaining the consent of the customer. In that case, the change will be announced at the homepage, etc. for a sufficient period of time, and a new guidance will be applied from the change date.